Angela and her two boys spent a couple hours Mon afternoon removing (what else) spaghetti weeds from the pea garden. OK the little one mostly played with worms and his little shovel 🙂


Update 4/14 work

Great Progress Yesterday….

The day started out with A and her boys who went through the pea area with a fine tooth comb eliminating every last evidence of spaghetti weed.

Shortly after they left, D arrived and continued the task of the spaghetti week hunt. The area that they covered should be completely free of spaghetti weeds now!

Later in the day we had a big group of people arrive: Pl, KB, PJ & C….together with myself the 5 of us attacked an area of the round garden that needed a lot of help.

Pl and C dug up many many many ink berry roots. Some of these roots are 2+ feet deep and as wide as a human arm. They are very difficult to dig out.

K and P trimmed and pulled a lot of berry bushes. They also raked and dug out of lot of grass overgrowth. The entire area looks 100% better now and is a lot closer to being able to cultivate and plant.

A big thanks to all of our helpers!



Farm Work Update 4/12

We had a very productive day today at the farm:

P finished installing the last post in the front garden.

J and A worked on removing the spaghetti weeds from the area where we will plant peas.

MJ and C cut down the berry bushes around the grape vine area.

A few days ago D helped me to mend fences. (It turns out that she is a weaver and was a big help in guiding me about what to do!) We also cleared all the old growth from the peas and tomato fencing.





Plants for Sale at Sunshine Farm!

We have a project going at my farm called CEG = Community Effort Gardening.

15 people work the land together to produce food that is BTO = Better Than Organic. We intend to produce food that is free of chemicals. All food is non-GMO and better than organic.

Consider supporting us.

At the present time we have catnip plants and blackberry bushes for sale. We also have free-range pasture eggs.

All plants are BTO. Sunshine Farm is located in South Harrison Township just south of Mullica Hill NJ.

For more info call Mary I at 856-981-6774 or email:

Welcome to Sunshine Farm!

This project is the brainchild of Mary.

She has invited a group of people with a shared vision to help maintain her farm in exchange for extra plants and harvested food. Together  we are learning and creating a better way to live cooperatively and sustainably.

IMG_1495 IMG_1494

In formal academic theory, this practice is known as participatory economics (parecon), solidarity economy or cooperative economics. I am documenting our endeavor as a framework for Sunshine Farms to be more effective in the years to come, but also to document the lessons, trials and tribulations we may face working towards creating an agricultural (and community) vision more desirable than capitalism.

Around the farm we are using the terms CEG (community effort gardening) and BTO (better than organic) to begin to define the vision we have for this project.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us!

This blog will be updated my various members and we will be trying to keep track of the hours we put into the farm, our tasks, reflections, thoughts and eventually our output of harvest and weight of food produced.